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March 2012


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Wow someone said a financial crisis. I guess that’s why people are getting more website work 🙂 People are trying to advertise their businesses more.

We are happy as the work has been flowing in.

We have recently won the following projects and are in the wild throws of getting them done for their launch

  1. The Town of Eagle’s new recreation and mapping project. This is a really cool project based on google maps and will show off what an amazing place Eagle is. Looking forward to getting this one live.
  2. – we are redoing their site as well as search engine optimization.
  3. A new weather alert widget for
  4. A booking engine that interacts with their booking software API for
  5. A CRM system and website for
  6. A new website for
  7. A conversion to wordpress for
  8. A new site for
  9. A redesign for
  10. A new mass email system for UrgeMedia

So yes it it is a little nutty around here at the moment. But we are very happy and look forward to posting the live links here soon.